Book news! World Building: Discourse in the Mind

The first dedicated collection of chapters on Text World Theory and other worlds-based approaches to the analysis of literary and non-literary discourse has been published by Bloomsbury in their Advances in Stylistics book series. 


World Building: Discourse in the Mind is edited by Literary Linguistics cluster member, Joanna Gavins, and Ernestine Lahey, from University College Roosevelt in the Netherlands. The book brings together analyses by Alice Bell, Sam Browse, Alison Gibbons, Marcello Giovanelli, Antonina Harbus, David Herman, Jane Lugea, Agnes Marszalek, Nigel McLoughlin, Jeremy Scott, Peter Stockwell, Sara Whiteley and Isabelle van der Bom, exploring a wide variety of discourses, from poetry to oral narrative, and from immersive theatre to classroom teaching.

‘This collection represents the state of the art in the study of world-building as central to the comprehension of discourse generally and literature in particular. It is innovative and diverse both in terms of theory and applications: a real treat for discourse analysts, cognitive linguists and literary scholars.’

Elena Semino, Lancaster University, UK

‘This fascinating volume explores the unexpected but orderly complexity of the mental construction of meaning. It shows us the cognitive poetics not just of texts but of everyday life.’

Mark Turner, Case Western Reserve University, USA